LINKS GOLF SOCIETY…..Burapha…C+A…..Wed.. Mar.24…S/ford

 Green Jacket  Comes Back to Mike Tottenham

When making the courtesy phone call to Burapha on the eve of our visit, we were told that we would play C and D combination, not great, but OK.

However, upon arrival at the C 1 tee, a caddie, and a Marshal told us that it would be the unusual combination of C and A.

 Mike Tottenham has won quite a few Green Jackets at Links, but none since October last. He has had some recent games with good scores without getting to the top of the ladder.

 That changed today when he found his real game and took advantage of a golf course in very good condition, to score a winning 41 points.

 Michael Blumhagen was once again right in the mix with another great score of 40 points from his handicap of #7.

 Mark On is a good golfer and, in addition to playing with Links, he gets around to other groups as well. In all company, he usually has a good score, but not always in the placings. 36 points from his # 9 handicap is another of those good scores and, this time, got him third spot.

 Consistent George Mueller, also a golf journeyman, held fourth place alone with 35 points.

 Winners at Burapha

 1st  Place – Mike Tottenham (19 ) – 41 pts

2nd Place – Michael Blumhagen (7) – 40pts

3rd Place – Mark On (9) – 36 pts

4th Place –  George Mueller (14) – 35 pts


Best Front Nine ( non winners) – Paul Smith – 19 pts

 Best Back Nine (non winners) – Dave Arataki – 17 pts c/back x 3


All players agreed that the two courses played were in really good condition, dry, and with good run. The greens were slightly different on each nine, as you would expect, and both were a little slower.

 The C nine greens were probably in need of a haircut and the A nine greens had quite a bit of sand. It’s maintenance, and has to be done. However, all of the greens played well and we had some good scores.

 The weather was different, this time with clear skies and heating up, but luckily, a nice breeze sprung up at tee off time and stayed throughout the round.

 We paid the great special price for senior golfer’s of 1250 bht all-in. We hope this price will continue into our next visit in April.

 Photo: Winner, Mike Tottenham, with Phil