Links Golf Society………Bangpakong………..Mon..May 18………S/ford

After the Famine Comes the Feast


Having had no golf for just over six weeks, it seemed golfers wanted to gorge themselves and get back into it.

Starting back on May 6, each of our first five games saw more than 20 golfers come out to play, they couldn’t get enough.

However, now sated, it seems many have decided to take a day off to recuperate after the initial feast with only 13 players coming out to tackle Bangpakong Riverside Golf Course and the energy sapping heat.

This course has flat, wide open fairways and nice consistent greens and is usually good to rack up plenty of stableford points.

This another course where the enforced layoff has been of benefit as, it seemed, that a lot of work had been done to keep up the good standard.

The weather today was a little friendlier and, for something different, no hint of rain, even though there were some grey clouds in Pattaya in the morning before we left.

Some players are finding form and getting ready for when we can again play competitions.

Peter Lacey and Bill Copeland recorded typically high, for here, stableford scores.

Having only four groups and hardly anyone else on the course, it was a quick round and back to Links Bar by about 3 pm. to drop off the golf bags and head off home.

Eastern Star is next and already many more names on the sign-up sheet so, after a nice rest, everyone is back and ready to play.