Date    Course                                Tee Time

W01     Bangpra                                  12.00                             

F03      Pleasant Valley                       10.00  

M06     Pattavia                                   10.00

W08     Burapha                                  10.00

F10      Silky Oak                                10.00

M13     Bang Pakong                          10.45

W15     Pattana                                    09.00

F17      Green Valley                           10.00                             

M20     Pattaya Country Club 10.00                             

W22     Royal Lakeside                       11.20                 

F24      Greenwood                             10.30              

M27    St Andrews                              09.40

W29    Khao Kheow                            09.30

F31      Pattana (Scramble)                10.00  

As usual, these bookings are subject to change at any time, but hoping we won’t need to.

as many courses are currently changing prices almost daily, the prices shown on our Website are what we currently know.

We will update as soon as any changes come from golf clubs.

Buses leave Links Bar 90 minutes before Tee Time, with an extra 15 minutes added for Royal Lakeside and Bangpakong

When making booking, please indicate if you need transport and, if possible, leave a contact number on the sign up sheet.

Please try to be ready 15 minutes before scheduled departure.

Breakfast is available in the mornings with last order taken 30 minutes before departure.

Sign up sheets at Links Bar or Online at