Whereas our golfers had plenty of rain at their last outing at Green Valley, a gentle breeze and sunshine greeted our 9 groups at Phoenix Gold. Surprisingly, Phoenix Gold is also suffering the same fate as many of the courses on our schedule with a lack of caddies. They managed to draft in some caddies from a nearby course to ease the situation and all our players had one caddy and one cart.

                Despite the good conditions regarding weather and course, only 2 players managed to break par. Wayne Bridgeman came back with 38 points followed by Izzy Markic with 37. Because of the late start, it was well after 7 pm when the last bus returned. Unfortunately, the Green Jacket winner, was not able to attend the presentation.



1st Place Wayne Bridgeman (8) – 38

2nd Place Izzy Markic (4) – 37

3rd Place John McGee (15) – 35 c/b

4th Place Steve Browne (28) – 35 c/b

5th Place Lee Winter (16) – 35 c/b

6th Place John Coey (19) 0 35 c/b

Near Pins                                                                     

M 04 Steve Browne

M 08 Wayne Langford

L 02 Wayne Bridgeman

L 07 Barry Cunningham

BF9 NW Glen Elsworth 19

BB9 NW Andy Kelleher 20 c/b