It was a long day at Pattana which would have been even longer if had not been for the excellent organisation of the Pattana starters. Like many of the courses are now beginning to do, they ask for our starting order and then organise bags, caddies and carts accordingly. Originally we were given a 12.40 starting time but thankfully this was brought forward by about 45 minutes. It was also thankful that we got a 2 tee start. All told, Pattana had over 300 golfers on their fairways today which did lead to long rounds. With rounds in excess of 5 hours it was well after 7 pm before the last bus returned to The Links.

                As for the golf, we had 2 flights with a 0-16 and 17+ split. It was a double for Dave Dunne who topped B Flight with 37 points. Top of A Flight was Selwyn Yates who also carded 37 points but lost to Dave on a count back.


FLIGHT A (0-16)

1st Place Selwyn Yates (9) – 37

2nd Place Thierry Petrement (14) – 34 c/b

3rd Place Wayne Bridgemond (8) – 34

4th Place Lee Rodman (13) – 33

FLIGHT B (17+)

1st Place David Dunne (19) – 37

2nd Place Neil Smith (21) – 36

3rd place Greg Smith (18) – 34

4th place Henry Mah (22) – 33 c/b

Near Pins

A 03 Cam Lam

A 08 Harry Lankoff

B 02 Phil Ashton

B 07 John Chelo

BF9 NW Robert Cha 19

BB9 NW Lee Smith 18