It’s the last Monday of January already…not sure where that month went but we did our usual trip to Royal Lakeside with another great turnout of 12 groups doing battle for the Green Jacket. This golf course ticks all the boxes and they do all they can to assist us so big thanks to Royal Lakeside!

I’m away this week in Cambodia so Pridey is over looking after the golf so thank you for that.

Todays winner shot an unbelievable round of golf scoring 42pts off a handicap of 3 giving him a gross 69

Congratulations to Glynn Evans on winning his first Green Jacket on his last round before going home.

You have been great fun to have around mate and what a performance that was.

2nd place went to my old pal Vic Hansen with a very impressive 40pts beating Alondo Brewington on a count back also with 40pts

Alondo has not been back long but he is in fine form so I won’t bet against him winning another jacket very soon.

4th place went to Will Brown with another solid performance with 39pts.

5th was Simon Ledger with 38pts Si plays his last game with us on Wednesday so let’s see if he can secure a win before he leaves.

6th was that Irishman again Dave Dunn who’s always in the prizes lately

1st – Glynn Evans – 42pts

2nd – Vic Hansen – 40pts CB

3rd – Alondo Brewington 40pts

4th – Will Brown 39pts

5th – Simon Ledger 38pts

6th – Dave Dunn 37pts

Near Pins ⛳️

Glynn Evans

John Carlton

Mick Fabre

Claus Charmin

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