Twelve groups teed off on what was another hot day at St Andrews. Thankfully, the issues where players were having to share carts and caddies would appear to be over with everyone being assigned with their own caddy and cart.

                Over the past 14 days there have been 2 large tournaments held over the St Andrews course with the result being that the course was in top condition. Judging by reports, it would appear that St Andrews is getting back into the condition when it was getting rave reviews pre-covid.

                The returned scores would certainly seem to confirm how good the course with 12 scores with 36 and over. It was Glen Elsworth who headed the field with 40 points. There were 4 players who had 39 points including 3 handicapper Steven Lynch. Steven had an eagle at the 750 yard par 6 where he was on the edge of the green on 2. Even with a following wind, that is phenomenal hitting.


A Flight (0-15)

1st Place Steven Lynch (3) – 39

2nd Place Grant Pride (7) – 37

3rd Place Stu Kidd (14) – 36 c/b

4th Place Stu Trevino (14) – 36

B Flight (16+)

1st Place Glen Elsworth (16) – 40

2nd Place Emmet White (16) – 39 c/b

3rd Place Joe Earls (26) – 39 c/b

4th Place Dave Clewley (20) – 39

NP 03 Wayne Langford

NP 05 Stu Kidd

NP 10 Keith Griffith

NP 17 Brian Kable

BF9 NW Thierry Petrement 20 c/b

BB9 NW John Pearce 21