It was an overcast day when we departed for St Andrews with 10 groups and conditions had not improved when we arrived with a steady drizzle evident. There had obviously been a lot of overnight rain but despite the first few groups setting off with umbrellas raised, the steady drizzle abated and the golfers were able to complete their rounds in what turned out to be perfect conditions.

                As far as the golf went, it was a great day for one of our Australian tour players, Gerard Ryan, who carded 43 points. He finished 2 clear of a Links regular, Glen Elsworth.

                Shot of the day must surely go to 2 handicapper Richie McGhie who holed out in one at the 178 yard par 3 17th hole. The 17th at St Andrews is stroke 2 on the index which shows just how difficult this hole is. Richie’s hole in one earned him 5 points on that hole as it was one of two holes where he gets a stroke at.  Oddly enough, stroke 1 on the index is also a par 3, the 177 yard 3rd hole. Richie birdied that for 4 points! All told, 3 strokes and 9 points at 2 par 3 holes. I don’t want to burst Richie’s bubble, but it should be said that he totalled 22 points for the remaining 16 holes.


1st Place Gerard Ryan (19) – 43

2nd Place Glen Elsworth (11) – 41

3rd Place Mark On (5) – 39

4th Place Toby Glass (14) – 38 c/b

5th Place Rob Hopson (17) – 38

6th Place Greg Smith (16) – 37


Hole in One @ 17th hole

Richie McGhie

BF9 NW Audin Jensen – 20 c/b

BB9 NW Walter Baechli – 19