60 golfers from The Links took to the fairways of Royal Lakeside on Wednesday. It is one of the longer trips we have to make but the extra travel time is a small price to play for a course in such good condition. A stiff breeze and very fast greens made life difficult and despite some very low scores in terms of points, everyone was very complimentary about the condition of the course.

It was Dave Decaminada who topped the list with 38 points. Once again we had 2 flights with the split being 0-16 and 17+. Runner up to Dave in Flight A was Andy Kelleher whilst in Flight B, it was Geoff Liebricht who led the way.

Players are reminded that excessive bad language is not The Links way. The Links is proud of its reputation and we do not want it tarnished by the use of foul language.


Flight A (0-16)

1st Place Dave Decaminada (9) – 38

2nd Place Andy Kelleher (11) – 36

3rd Place Paul Lanzetta (6) – 35 c/b

4th Place Russell Exley (11) – 35

5th Place Bob Hannon (15) – 34 c/b

6th Place Thierry Petrement – 34

Flight B (17+)

1st Place Geoff Liebricht (18) – 37

2nd Place David Dunne (18) – 35

3rd Place Vero Morgan (19) – 34 c/b

4th Place Russell Birtwistle (24) – 34

5th Place George Mueller (17) – 33 c/b

6th Place Steve Baker (22) – 33

Near Pin 03 Carl Lovatt

Near Pin 06 David Dunne

Near Pin 12 Dave Stockman

Near Pin 16 Markuu Kaaria

Best Front 9 NW Bill Bishop – 19 c/b

Best Back 9 NW Ben Hebert – 19