Pattana has always been a well supported venue and Wednesday was no different. For value for money and the way the management of the course look after The Links it is hard to beat.

It has been a while since Dave Arataki has won the Green Jacket but like his beloved Manchester United, he is making a strong comeback. He posted 42 points which was the best score for the month to date. In second place was Nigel Henson who came in with 40 points. Nigel has been in the places regularly recently but will be out of action for a few weeks as he is heading off to Kenya. The remaining places went to Martin Patch, Luke Abbey and Petur Petursson.

Because of the wet conditions it was decided to play off the yellow tee markers on courses A & C which, according to the card, measured just over 6300 yards. However the yellow markers were very adjacent to the red markers at 5600 yards which may go a way to explain the very good scorers.


1st Place Dave Arataki 42

2nd Place Nigel Henson 40

3rd Place Martin Patch 39

4th Place Luke Abbey 38 c/b

5th Place Petur Petursson 38 c/b

NP A3 Ben Hebert

NP A8 Petur Petursson

NP C2 John McGee

NP C7 Mike Tottenham

BF 9 Wayne Peppernell 20

BB 9 Jimmy Carr 20