Jimmy Carr wins his second Green Jacket in 3 outings.

It was a sceptical start to the day for our 9 groups as a light rain started just as our first group was about to tee off. Thankfully though it came to nothing and everyone had a dry, albeit hot, day.

                Jimmy Carr is certainly on a hot streak. A winner of the Green Jacket last week, he followed that with a comfortable 3 point win at The Valley with his 40 points. It might have been so different if Grant Pride, recently returned from Australia, hadn’t dropped 4 points in the first 5 holes. The 6 handicapper bounced back well to cover the remaining 13 holes in level par to return 37 points.

                Petur Petursson is certainly one of the most consisten players to play out of The Links and he claimed 3rd spot with 35 points.

                Like everywhere, Green Valley has suffered from the terrible September rains and there was little to no run on the course. The greens at The Valley are normally in good condition but there was evidence at just about every hole of damage to the greens in what looked like a hydraulic oil leak from the mower which cuts the greens. Although it did not affect the roll of the ball in any way, it did not look pleasing to the eye.


1st Place                Jimmy Carr (40)

2nd Place               Grant Pride (37)

3rd Place               Petur Petursson (35)

4th Place               Wayne Peppernell (34)

5th Place               Sunny Khanna (33)

6th Place               Mike Tottenham (32) c/b

NP 5                       George Mueller

NP 8                       Steve Moxey

NP 13                    Sunny Khanna

NP 16                    Tony Browne

BF 9 N.W.            Young Min Ko (19)

BB 9 N.W.            Lee Baker (18)