Pleasant Valley saw 46 golfers from The Links who all played in good golfing conditions on a course which has dried out remarkably from the last time we played. Once again, we played 2 Flights with the split being +2 – 17 and 18+.

                Jimmy Carr had a great September and won multiple Green Jackets but his form had dipped recently as his handicap came down. It was the old Jimmy today though as he accumulated 42 points to comfortably claim the Green Jacket. In Flight B it was Greg Perfrement who came out on top with 39 points.

                Phil decided to play an extra prize with Magic 2s being on the menu. Despite the par 3s being relatively accessible and playing quite short, there were only 4 twos with all of them being credited to Flight B players.


FLIGHT A +2 – 17

1st Place                Jimmy Carr (17) – 42

2nd Place               Walter Gossner (15)- 38 c/b

3rd Place               Steve Moxey (13) – 38 c/b

4th Place               Wayne Langford (15) – 38


1st Place                Greg Perfrement (19) – 39

2nd Place               Joe Guerin (20) – 36 c/b

3rd Place               Joe Earls (23) – 36

4th Place              Dave Clewley (20) – 35

Near Pin 05         Ludowijk Schlingmann

Near Pin 08         Paul Baker

Near Pin 13         Walter Gossner

Near Pin 17         John Pierrel       

BF9 NW               JP Gasser – 21

BB9 NW                Pat Treacy – 20  

Magic 2s               Jimmy Carr

                              Dave Clewley

                              Walter Gossner

                              Greg Perfrement