Monday saw the Links travel to Bangpakong and it’s become very popular switching here and Royal Lakeside. They look after us really well and we got away 30 minutes early and it was very free flowing on the way around.

As always it was in great condition with nice receptive greens!

The scoring is always pretty high here as it is quite a forgiving golf course especially if you’re playing well. Todays winner was doing just that and it’s nice to see him back in the winners circle so congratulations to Carl Lovatt with a very impressive 45pts winning the green jacket today

In 2nd place was the very likeable Dave Arataki who must of thought he had won with 43pts but it wasn’t to be.3rd place was Jamie Booterbaugh

With 41pts shooting 75 gross!

4th was Mr consistent Francis Goyons with 40pts and 5th was the inform Frankie McCardle with 39pts

Still proving drunk golf is the way forward 🍺⛳️😂

1st – Carl Lovatt 45pts (28)

2nd – Dave Arataki 43pts (22)

3rd Jamie Booterbaugh 41pts (😎

4th Francis Goyons 40pts (13)

5th Frankie McCardle 39pts (19)

Near pins ⛳️

Dave Arataki

Keith Griffith

Bob Mckeith

J P Gasser

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