51 golfers from The Links played at the excellent Bang Pakong course on Monday 11th of January. With an overcast sky, it was perfect golfing conditions with the temperatures in the mid 20s. In recent events, the courses have run the roost over our golfers but with the 4 of the first 2 groups returning scores in the forties, it looked as if the trend was turning.

It was Steve Baker who led from the front with his 41 points. He was in the first group along with Mark Johnstone who came in with 40 points. Also on 40 were 2 members of the second group, Phil Ashton and Steve Moxey.

In 3rd place in Flight A was JP Gasser who, for the umpteenth time, grossed less than his age.


Flight A (0-15)

1st Place Steve Moxey (14) – 40 c/b

2nd Place Phil Ashton (8) – 40

3rd Place JP Gasser (8) – 38

4th Place Jean Louis Goergen (15) – 37 c/b

5th Place Francis Goyons (12) – 37

Flight B (16+)

1st Place Steve Baker (22) – 41

2nd Place Mark Johnstone (20) – 40

3rd Place Paul Gill (16) – 39

4th Place Darren See (19) – 37 c/b

5th Place Dave Clewley (19) – 37

Near Pin 04 John Carlton

Near Pin 07 JP Gasser

Near Pin 13 Steve Moxey

Near Pin 16 Lyn Mattel

Best Front 9 NW Keith Griffith 20 c/b

Best Back 9 NW Selwyn Yates 22