For the 3rd time in 6 weeks The Links had a back to back Green Jacket winner. Following up from Sunny Khanna and Petur Petursson, Mike Ehlert won back to back jackets.

                We took 45 golfers to Pattavia with the starters giving us a 2 tee start of sorts in so much that 8 groups started on the 1st tee and 4 groups started on the 10th tee. The 10th tee starters were the lucky ones as they got a clear run round and all 4 groups had completed their rounds before the first group who started at the 1st came in. Unfortunately for the 1st tee starters they were stuck behind a notoriously slow society who shall remain nameless.

                Once again, we had 2 flights with the split being 0-16 and 17+. It is maybe no coincidence 6 of the 8 principle winners started on the 10th tee. Pattavia is renowned for its fast greens and although the greens were still pretty fast, because they had been recently scarified and sanded, they weren’t as fast as usual. All said and done, everyone agreed that Pattavia is in great shape and are happy that it will be a regular on our schedule.               



1st Place                Mike Ehlert (8) – 38 c/b

2nd Place               Bob Watson (6) – 38

3rd Place               Walter (15) – 37

4th Place               Chris Barker (16) – 36 c/b


1st Place                Wayne Peppernell (19) – 37

2nd Place               Ron Matthews (18) – 36 c/b

3rd Place               Darren see (21) – 36

4th Place               Tony Browne (20) – 35

Near Pin 04         Roger Emery

Near Pin 07         Dennis Russell

Near Pin 13         Mike Ehlert

Near Pin 17         Kevin Rogers

BF9 NW               Jimmy Carr – 20

BB9 NW                John McGee – 20