Sunny receives his back to back Green Jacket from Billy

It was a first visit for many a month to Pleasant Valley on what was a very pleasant day with not a cloud in the sky and a good weather forecast. It was certainly a good day for Sunny Khanna who, despite a slow start, came blasting back in the back 9 with 24 points to finish with 40 points. Second place went to Jimmy Carr with 38. The final podium place was a close run affair with 3 players tied on 37 points. It was Steve Moxey who claimed the final spot bating Petur Petursson and Francis Goyons on a count back.

                An interesting event happened as early as the 2nd hole when one of the caddies had to retire due to heat stroke! That is the story Tony told everyone and I leave it to the reader to draw their own conclusions! Maybe it was Tonys good looks and charming disposition that made her go faint……nah, it was probably the sun.


1st Place                Sunny Khanna – 40

2nd Place               Jimmy Carr – 38

3rd Place               Steve Moxey – 37 c/b

NP 05                    Jimmy Carr

NP 08                    Sunny Khanna

NP  13                   Steve Moxey

NP  17                   Russell Birtwistle

BF 9 N.W.            Ian Fraser – 19 c/b

BB 9 N.W.            Petur Petursson – 19 c/b