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         They Can’t Keep Him Down

It seems that two time wearer of the “Wig” Bob Watson has had enough! Extra practice and great concentration has allowed him to make certain that the wig is not going on his head again. Prompted him into action…

So it was today 17 confident golfers headed off on the short trip to the beautiful Khao Kheow. As usual, check in was quick and easy, and caddies were all ready to take us to the B1 tee.

Boy! We have not had the sun beating down on us like this for a while, and some were very early wondering if walking was the right decision. By around half way the clouds had gathered again, making the temperature seem a little “cooler?” My Caddy predicted rain would come before we finished. Thankfully she is just as bad a forecaster as I am.

Carts on path only, but the fairways were quite firm so,although we played lift, clean and place, it was hardly necessary save a little mud on the ball here and there. Of course the greens here are always good. Perhaps a little slower today, and one, the A7 is undergoing some repair work, sandy but quite playable.

Just enough starters today for two flights with 2 places in each, and Best nines.

Bob Watson’s 40 points was by far the best in the “A” flight and, in fact for the day. Adam Barton, playing his first game since getting back to Pattaya for some time off from work, went well fresh to get second with 34 points.

That man Greg Proctor is sweeping all before him and once again showed a clean pair of heels to take the “B” flight, posting another impressive score, this time 37 points.

Len Jones said he felt a bit embarrassed to be awarded second place with a score of just 26 points. But he happily took it ,thanks to the countback.


Best Front Nine winner….Tommy Marshall…17 pts

Best Back Nine winner…..Maurice Roberts….18 pts

 Winner..”A” flight…….Bob Watson ( 8)………..40 pts 

 2nd Place…………………..Adam Barton (13)………34 pts 


Winner “B” flight………Greg Proctor (23)………37 pts

2nd Place………………..Len Jones ( 29)…………26 pts c/back 

Back to the Bar and we had barely set foot from the bus and a delicious curry was on the table in front of us.

Bob Watson  has been in the photo a bit lately, but this time it was for the right reason, a Green Jacket.

The most qualified contender for the “Wig” did not make it back to the Bar, so Phil decided somebody should have it, so with the second worst score the wearer was first time visitor, Rob Cousin. He looks happy enough. Why not?





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