PSC Golf …Pattaya Links Golf Society…Treasure Hill.. Wed..Aug. 2….S/Ford.



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Phil Leaves Them In His Wake and  …..

New  “Local Rule” at Treasure Hill- 6 Balls believe it or not!

Whilst on the face of it, Treasure Hill is great value, but is it really when rounds take well over five hours? Is it really when golf societies are treated so shabbily?

A 6 ball teed off in front of our first group, with one of it’s players taking 4 shots to reach the corner of the first fairway, it was shaping up as a long day.

But you live in hope that they might just move quicker than we anticipate.

 How wrong we were.! After 3 hours for the first nine, PSC President, Maurice Roberts went to the management office. He asked why a 6 ball was allowed and with a flick of the wrist was waved out the door with the response “local rule”.

The price of 1150 bht all in is a good price here, but in discussions later, it was asked “ how good is the value when you are parked for more than 5 hours behind a 6 ball who won’t even entertain the thought of calling smaller, quicker groups through?”

“ How good is the price when management will throw the President of PSC out of the office for asking a perfectly pertinent question?”

As our first group, a 3 ball, came to a kiosk, we found this 6 ball sitting down having drinks, but as they spotted us arriving, jumped up and almost ran to the tee, so that we would not play through. My caddy asked to be let through, but was ignored.

One wonders how we would fare if we told them we were going with a 6 ball? Not well I should think.

On a brighter note, my Caddy, using some initiative, suggested we skip a hole to get in front of the 6 ball and come back later to complete the 8th. We did, and consequently finished one hour ahead of that 6 ball and our other groups. Smart girl, my Caddy.

As usual, scores at this course were not in the higher end of the Stableford scale. Except for one Phil Davies! who “shot the lights out” with a great 39 points to finish a whole  nine points clear of the second placed Greg Proctor.

The remainder of the scores are best forgotten.

Even some chuckles when the Best Nines were announced. 14 points wins??


Best Front 9 ( non winner)….Wayne Morrison….14 pts c/back

Best back 9  ( non winner)….John Anderson…….16 pts.


Winner………Phil Davies (12)…….39 pts

2nd Place……..Greg Proctor (26)…..30 pts

After a frustrating day it was back to Links Bar for the golfer’s complimentary meal, today it was Chicken and Chips.

Phil conducted presentations and noted that the Green Jacket was a perfect fit for him, as it was designed using himself as the model.

Alan Walker had one of those days! Not only did he leave his beloved Vietnam Veterans cap in the bus, but also managed to wear the “Wig” for the lowest points score of the day. But he smiled all the way, Good onya Alan.




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