PSC Golf …Pattaya Links Golf Society…Silky Oak….Friday..Nov.17…S/ford



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   The Judge Does It Again


Two wins on the trot for Eric “The Judge” Black who is showing his very good form this trip. Eric is a regular to Pattaya and, like most, has some games to forget, but this time around, all is going well.

Silky Oak tends to worry people about playing here. It could be the raised tees and greens, which tests the fitness for the climb up and down. Or it could be the many water carries, which can psych you out, even if they are not all as long as they appear.

So it was today we had just 12 players to test those obstacles.

The course is in good condition with fairways freshly mown, looking good and easy to play from. The greens were slow, but today, as we have seen every time we come here, they have been recently sanded. They must be a tough job for the Greenkeeper.

A week or so back, we thought we were headed into the nice “dry season”. But  well off the mark. Some heavy rains in and around Pattaya have not only softened the fairways at most clubs, but increased the humidity for the players. Today was very humid with no breeze or air movement for the entire round. It was wearing.

We have mentioned “The Judge” with a great 38 points, but right behind him Phil Davies and Tony Browne ( again) each scored 37 points. Phil managed to win the countback to take second spot. Excellent going from all three on a tiring day.

With so few players, we had just the one flight, but still had Best Nines.


Best Front Nine ( non winners)…Alan Walker…18 pts

Best back Nine  (non winners)….Rod Stevens….18 pts



 Winner ………Eric Black (14)……………38 pts

   2nd Place…..  Phil Davies (10)………… ..37pts c/back

   3rd Place……Tony Browne (21)…………37pts


The complimentary meal of spare ribs were melting in the mouth as Phil conducted the presentations.

Eric commented to me, referring to the Green Jacket, “ this actually fits quite well”. Don’t get too comfortable Mate, you have to give it back after the photo 555.






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