PSC Golf …….Pattaya Links Golf Society…….Pleasant Valley……Wed..Dec.27…S/ford



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All Day

Hire Clubs – Wet Course – Bob Rice -No Problem

We were greeted with a very cool and wet morning as we arose from slumber, or in one case, getting home. Unusual for rain (drizzle) this time of year.

Because rain worries many golfers, I wondered if we would have any scratchings today.

I didn’t have to wait long. Before I had even left my room at 7 am, the first call came in “is golf cancelled?”

Answer, of course, was “No”.

Upon arrival at Links Bar, more calls and messages started coming, and after having a sign- up list of 26, we finished up with 16 players to brave the elements.

Now with only 12 persons for the bus, we broke the news to the bus guys that we only needed two buses and not three. They decided between themselves who goes home.

We haven’t been to Pleasant Valley for quite some time. No reason, other than it just seems to get overlooked when the schedule is made up each month. We are spoiled for choice with so many terrific courses in our area.

Someone remarked how good this course is looking regarding the maintenance and scenery. Fairways today were damp, so carts had to stick to the paths. We played lift, clean and place.

Greens are in good condition, but obviously, being damp, were a little slower. Only a 10 minute interruption for rain, otherwise  nice weather for golf. 

Bob Rice conquers all!  He left his clubs at home in the USA and hired a set from Links Bar.

Having been away from Pattaya for some months, and with a handicap of just 8, Bob tore up the course with an excellent score of 42 points, to leave the rest in his wake.

Playing from the Blue tees, and with little run on the fairways the scores returned were on the lower end of the scale.

However, two good scores followed Bob.   Jim Reilly and Pierre Cere fought out a countback on 35 points, with Jim edging in front for second spot.


Only 16 players, so no near pins, but we still had the Best Nines.


Best Front Nine ( non winners)….Rod Stevens……19 pts

Best Back Nine ( non winners)….Gerry Conway….17 pts c/back



Winner ………..Bob Rice (8)……………..42pts

2nd Place………Jim Reilly (16)…………..35pts c/back

3rd Place……….Pierre Cere (12)…………35pts


Scores were quickly calculated, the  Indian Curry and Rice ( with chips, of course) consumed, and then Phil conducted presentations.

 Bob Rice tried on his first Green Jacket, while Harry Lankoff just knew he was going to wear the “wig” for a second time.

 Now it was the turn of Links Bar to hold presentations and food for the Pattaya Matchplay participants, so started filling up as we welcomed the many competitors from other golf bars.







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