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Big Adam Scores Bigger


An eleventh hour change of plans saw us at Pattaya Country Club two weeks earlier than scheduled.

As we had avoided this course for many months,  it was decided to give it a try on August 18, particularly with the offer of 1350bht for G/F, Caddy and Cart.

All were happily surprised there had been a vast improvement of the course from earlier experiences.

18 players took to the buses and cars today for the short trip, knowing that conditions would be more than acceptable, and the 1350 bht price had carried over into September.

My Caddy advised me at the start that the back nine greens were not very good today. I asked her why? Last time very good.  Well ! She was correct. The front nine greens are in good condition, as before, but what a disappointment to find the back nine were not greens at all. In fact “browns’ with a green tinge.

What happened? She shook her head and said they had cut too low, so consequently almost lost them. I believe they will grow back soon, but you have to wonder…just when PCC had got it right.

Having said all that, there were plenty of players who cared not and returned very handsome score cards.

The biggest of them all was, once again, Adam Barton with a scintillating 43 points to outdo his 41 from Wednesday.  Once more I got to watch from close up.

Stephen Hughes stayed in Pattaya briefly as a stopover and played just three games with us, and ran a very close second to Adam, handing in a 42 points card, before racing from the course to the Airport for the trip home.

Vero Morgan, like Bob Watson before her, vowed never to wear the “Wig” again, and made sure of it with a terrific return of 40 points.

Fourth place went to Derek Phillips, whose game, like some others, is a bit up and down. Today 38 points was a definite up.

We decided to have four near pin prizes for this round and all were won.

John Carlton (5), Colin Smith (7), Bill Winslow (12), Stephen Hughes (16)


Then there were the Best Nine winners..

Best Front Nine….Maurice Roberts……19 pts c/back

Best Back Nine….Mike Allidi……………17pts on c/back




Winner ..………..Adam Barton (13)………….43 pts

 2nd Place………..Stephen Hughes (11)……….42pts

 3rd Place…………Vero Morgan (27)………….40 pts

 4th Place………….Derek Phillips (28)…………38 pts


Adam has taken a liking to the Green Jacket, probably because it fits so well..

Sometimes 25 points gets into a place. But today’s field was so hot that 25 points got you the “Wig” for the least impressive score. Just back from Australia for a short visit, John Edwards wasted no time in claiming his first “Wig’.

A curry and rice, presentations by Phil, and lots of laughs rounded out a fine day of golf.






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