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   Bob Watson Unstoppable.


He has had a few very ordinary games of golf recently, to the point of wearing the wig on two occasions for the worst score of the day.

But now Bob Watson is playing the golf everyone knows he is capable of. We will see by the scores today he is way out in front of the rest.

After two no shows, we had a small field turn out, just 11 players made it to the first tee at Mt.Shadow. Well, it is still Low Season.

This course, for me , has had it it’s ups and downs on quality over the past year or so. Today we found the fairways nicely mown, the greens in good condition, although a little slower than we would normally expect, but that seems to be most courses at the moment. Perhaps not cutting as short because of the wet season.

The rough is not as rough as it has been, but still enough to grab the club head and twist it, so as to send the ball somewhere it should not. Maybe that only happened to me ??

Weather today was very hot and sticky. Waiting for the breeze that never came.

So, with only 11 players we went to three places on the podium.

Bob Watson, of course, took outright first place.

 John Anderson, Mr Inconsistent, came in second 6 points behind, with the ever present Maurice Roberts a further 3 points back for third.


                  Winner………..Bob Watson ( 7)…………..38 pts

                   2nd Place…….John Anderson (29)……….32pts

                   3rd Place……..Maurice Roberts (12)……..29pts


Back to the Bar  early where the Sweet and Sour Chicken arrived promptly, to delay the tallying of results. Priorities..

Bob dons the Green Jacket while Phil presents today’s “Wig” wearer with his new hairstyle. Andrew Vieglas, first time visitor from Australia, had plenty of ribbing from his two travelling mates. ..

The Harvey Bay Crew





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