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Who Needs a Good Golfer?


Crystal Bay is not the favourite course for many, but today we had a good turn out of 21 golfers, after a couple of no shows.

We played C+B combination. (It must be soon that the A course re opens.) The courses, it seemed had been very recently mowed as the Tee boxes were clean and well defined, the fairways looking very good, even with the lack of rain, and the greens looked and played well.

A problem with some, not all, greens appears that the hole placements had not been changed for quite some time, as grass had grown over the rim, thereby deflecting a putt if it was not given enough speed to get through. This is not just a problem here, as we have struck the same thing at other venues.

We were given the go ahead off the first tee a little early and all groups had a clear run for the round. This time we were lucky enough to be in front, as players from another group were lining up behind.

Regular readers may remember this:

“Wayne Peppernell had a special request for me. That is to put him with some lower handicap, or good ? golfers, because he says it lifts his own game..”

Well, it mattered not who he played with today, as he kept his hot streak going with another 40 points to take top spot in ‘B’ flight and best score of the day.

There were some good scores as Bob Watson (7) 39 pts came first in ‘A’ flight( 0-16), beating Maurice Roberts (12) on 37 pts, who kept out Lee Rodman (11) on countback and he in turn beat Mike Allidi (3), also 37 pts on another countback.

Second to Wayne in ‘B’ flight (h/cap 17+) was Len Jones with a sub handicap 37 points, followed by Stuart Thompson on 35 points.

Four near pins were up for grabs, but only two were claimed.

Bob Watson…B4, and Stuart Thompson…B6


Best Front Nine ( non winners)…Mick Coghlan….16 pts

Best Back Nine ( non winners)…Mike Allidi……..21 pts


Winner ‘A’ Flight…..Bob Watson (7)………….39 pts

 2nd Place……………Maurice Roberts ( 12)…..37 pts c/back

 3rd Place…………….Lee Rodman (11)……….37 pts c/back


Winner ‘B’ Flight…..Wayne Peppernell (17)…..40 pts

 2nd Place……………Len Jones (29)…………..37 pts

 3rd Place…………….Stuart Thompson………..35 pts.


Back at Links Bar, the Chicken Wings and fries were served quickly, and on to the presentations.

Wayne Peppernell, as best score for the day, once again fitted comfortably in to the Green Jacket. The worthy winner of the “wig” ( Wayne’s buddy) did not make it back to wear his “prize’, but Phil 

promised that he will wear it next time he appears..




Bobby opens the Wallet and the Girls and Boys are Happy.




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