Poppy Tournament 3/11……Khao Kheow



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 Phil and Mark combine for Poppy Day Win

This Tournament comes around every year about this time and every Year it seems to come around quicker. The Golf was held on Friday 3rd November at Khao Kheow Country Club and the presentation night this year was at The Holiday Inn on the 4th November. Let me say here and now that at both Khao Kheow and The Holiday Inn we were looked after very well and my thanks go out to both Organisations. Both Organisations entered into the spirit of the Competition and made this Competition into one of the best of the year.

The morning at Khao Kheow started very early for the Organisers and Nigel Cannon was there at the crack of dawn to ensure all was ready for the eager golfers. Mick O’Connor was not far behind and Andy Barraclough arrived early as he had volunteered to be a starter. All these gentlemen were there all day and my thanks go to them in particular for the success of this day, as well as the help from Nin, Manager Khao Kheow, and their staff.  Khao Kheow have been with me every inch of the way in the past 8 years.

The Competition is a ‘Two Ball Better Ball Stableford’, where you play with a partner and the best Stableford score is included on the card at each hole. Whilst relatively simple it is a Competition that is not played often and needs some awareness amongst the Competitors, ‘Enough said’. The good thing about this type of Competition is that you stand to score quite often by the skill of your partner and it is important to forge a good friendship.

Bright and breezy Nigel and Mick were

at the desk and the players started to flow through. At the start of each Nine were Andy and a ‘Volunteer’ from Khao Kheow to ensure the players were away on time and every thing went very smoothly, and 26 Groups of 4 got away on time. Thanks to the ‘Officials’.

The day was  bright and breezy from first light and the only real fear of the ‘Organiser’, that we have thunderstorms and pouring rain was discarded very early on. Heavy rain and storms negate the Competition and thus all the Shirts , Saturday Night at the Holiday Inn and Sponsorship become a problem.Indeed three years ago we had such a storm but someone was looking after me and we managed to play at  Khao Kheow when all other Courses were rained off.  However one of the Royal British Legion Members volunteered to do a ‘Rainless War Dance’ and it seemed to work.

As said the day was bright and breezy and it was one of those days when you feel you are playing ‘Millionaires Golf’. The day seemed to go quite quickly and we played the A & B Nines. There was a strong wind all day but it only cooled you down. The Fairways were firm so you got the ball running, especially with the wind behind, while it was noticeable the players st

ill had difficulty getting the ball out of the rough. The rough here is a bit special and get in it you must normally take your punishment.

The greens in particular deserve praise as they were firm, fast and true. It was also noticed that the holes on the green were in the most difficult position because it was necessary to make the Course difficult with two players counting and playing off the white tees. We had a tough but great day on the Course and finished believing this was a great Course and it was in fine condition.

While the players finished and went home, the scribe and his team battled on to collect the cards, give the players a fine shirt and a ticket for the Presentation Night on the Saturday at The Holiday Inn. Happy Days.

On the Saturday night the players, and many ‘Significant Others’ gathered at the Executive Tower, Floor Four called the Workshop or as we woul

d say The Ballroom. The afternoon had been spent running around to ensure the night went smoothly and Gypsy of Holiday Inn met us and took our prizes to the 4th floor to be delivered at the start of the night, Thanks Gypsy.

The players and guests started to arrive early and as the night went on all the tables were taken and guests were filling plates up with the fine food. Holiday Inn did us proud and the food was of the highest quality  The Organiser waited until the food was mostly consumed until ha started the proceedings.

The Organiser thanked all for attending and thanked all the Sponsors and those who helped to organise. Mainly,  Macallan Insurance Brokers Ltd, Lucy Electric, Pattaya Reality, Manpower Group and Phil Smeed. Also thanked was Pattaya Mail, Holiday Inn, Khao Kheow, Pattaya Sports Club and his supporters from Tropicals Golf Society mainly

Tom Cotton, Daryl Evans and Dick Warberg. He also thanked Graham Macdonald who had supported him for 8 years and of course Nigel.

He then called on Andy Barraclough, Chairman of the Royal British Legion Thailand, to give a short talk about the good the income will do and the fact that every Baht will go to the correct place as there is no deduction.

Then the ‘Organiser’ Presented Royal British Legion’ Medals to three people who had supported him over the last 8 years. Dave Richardson, military to the soul, Jim Elphick who at Lewinsky’s always provided Golfers and Chris Balzis who always provided shirts at a good quality and price. Thanks to all.

So into the results and the scores this year were quite realistic

The Winners with 48 points were Phil Davies and Mark Fraught  on countback over

In second place With also 48 points  Wayne Bridgeman and  Tony Odonaga.

In third place were  Mike Allidi and Patrick Poussier

We then had a 5 way countback on 46 points that saw

In fourth Place were John Anderson and Tony Brown on countback over

In fifth place Paul Hack and Dick Bainbridge  on countback over

In sixth place was P Nixon and D Atkinson  on countback over two more teams

missing out were Andy Makara, Keith Allen  and Andrea

s  Wegener, Werner Schwarz.


Now to the best sportsmen and the strongest Golfers as not only did they have to hold the rest up but came last. The honour, as per last year, went to Jack Levy and John Kennedy who were  given a prize to suit their ability.

The night then continued as our Octogenarian and his Ladies proceeded with the Lucky draw. Still full of vim and vigor is our Nigel and I thank him for being up so late. This part went particularly well and I thank all for their participation.

As most of the night was over I decided to go and have my first beer and sit with Nigel and his Ladies to relax and looking around saw the rich and powerful all departing for other fields. Then suddenly I was on my own, except for the singer and the waiters,

so could relax with a job well done.  T.T.F.N.                                            Tony and John Collect The Prizes




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