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Chris Barker Streets the Field


What a difference two days can make.. On Monday play was abandoned at Royal Lakeside as a heavy electrical storm swept across the course, not once, but twice.

This morning we were bathed in bright sunshine as players gathered at Links Bar for the trip to Pattana Golf Club.

This place is impressive. From the time you get a salute and greeting walking through the front door of the sparkling club house, to the easy check-in at the counter, and then a lovely greeting lady directing to the stairs and the locker room, you feel like, as a golfer, you’ve made it.

However, the best is yet to come when you stand on the first tee and take in the view..

We were assigned the B then C courses and for those with a slice or hook, B1 can look very daunting, with water to the left and right, then more water in front of the green. A perfect start!

Once over that, our twenty-two golfers then proceeded at a good pace on this beautiful golf course, which is always in excellent condition. We have to love these greens. If you like putting, this is the place.

We played one flight with four places, in addition to four “near pins” and” best nines’

Chris Barker has been hanging around the podium lately and today put daylight between himself and the rest, scoring a terrific 42 points to easily take the Green Jacket.

Then we had a crowd vying for the placings. Three golfers scored handicap beating 37 points each, so countbacks were needed to separate them.

Here we see the handicap system at work. Although only one flight, the first four places had a handicap spread of 20, so just getting more points is the secret, especially the back nine..

After countbacks it was Mike Firkin (h/c 23), who has been in good touch of late, taking second place from Neil Skilton (h/c 4), playing with Links for the first time, who in turn beat Paul Smith (h/c 3). Great scoring from all three players and shows that, regardless of handicap, everyone has a chance.


Near Pins were on each Par 3 and they were won by:


Neil Skilton (B3), Garry Hookey (B7), Paul Smith (C2), Kevin Rogers (C7)


Winner……………. .Chris Barker (12)……42 pts

2nd Place…………….Mike Firkin (23)….. .37 pts c/back

3rd Place……………..Neil Skilton (4)…… ..37 pts c/back

4th Place……………..Paul Smith (3)……… 37 pts


Best Front Nine ( non winners)…………….Phil Davies…..18 pts

Best Back Nine ( non winners)……………..Colin Smith….19 pts


Earlier in the week, Kevin Rogers was bitten on the leg by a Soi dog. He survived, but the dog isn’t well apparently.

But that’s not why he was awarded the “silly hat”. In fact, by refusing Maurice a free drop, he was asking for trouble. Any excuse Maurice can find.

It also gave Phil the chance to talk ( and joke) about the dog attack.

Bryan Barrell wore the “wig”

The players were also appreciative of the promotion at Pattana right now. A free beer or drink at the completion of the round. Thank You Pattana.




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