Green Jacket winner Billy Buchanan with runner up Joe Dourley.

Billy Buchanan and Joe Dourley might be small in stature but they rose above the rest of the 21 strong field to take 1st and 2nd place at St Andrews on Wednesday. Billy came in with 37 points which was enough to give him his first Green Jacket for a long time and just pipped Joe who returned 36. In third place was Ben Hebert with 34.

                St Andrews has the potential to be one of the great courses in the region. It has a challenging set up and is a good test of golf. Unfortunately the course has fallen foul of the recent pandemic and badly needs some TLC. The bunkers in particular came in for a lot of criticism. In saying all that, there were no complaints about the standard of the greens.        


1st Place Billy Buchanan – 37

2nd Place Joe Dourley – 36

3rd Place Ben Hebert – 34

N.P.  03 Gang Zong

N.P.  05 Mike Ehlert

N.P. 10 Toby Glass

N.P. 17 Jaime Bouterbaugh

BF9 NW Dave Arataki – 21

BB9 NW Young Min Ko – 19 (c-back)

                When the first group returned they were told that there was no water available to have a shower. However, we were told that we could use the swimming pool as an option which many of the 21 players took advantage of.

Nick Aubin and Chris Barker enjoying a dip in the pool.