Today was the end of month pairs scramble at Pattana and we had another great turn out of 40 players doing battle for the trophy!

It was a very windy day which was nice but made it tough going.

We played B & C and that opening tee shot with water both sides and the wind howling off the right was fun to watch.

The scoring was higher with the new format but that was the idea to make both players have to play well.

Todays winners were Petur Peterson and new comer Andrew Turner with a great score of 67.75… welcome back Petur,2nd place was my good friend Dave Heyes aka The Captain and John Reps the sneaky pool player with 68.6 beating myself and Pat Lavin with 68.9 great to see you and the boys back.

In 4th was the French duo Francis Goyons who is always in the prizes and his partner Thierry Petrememt with 69.5

5th was Keith Griffith and John Molloy with a solid 69.9

Thanks to everyone for making it fantastic day and night.

Have a great weekend! 🍺

1st- Petur & Andrew (67.75)

2nd – Dave & John (68.6)

3rd – Phil & Pat (68.9)

4th – Francis & Thierry (69.5)

5th – Keith & John (69.9)

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