Today we headed to Emerald with the usual suspects and the bus journey there was full of stories from the weekend which is always good value

It was a particularly hot day and wasn’t the quickest today but that never stopped the most inform player Greg Smith aka the Baukhao strangler from taking another green jacket!

The man is a machine on and off the course he’s been on the piss for a week straight already…now he heads off to Bangkok for a week with his water polo mates from Australia

Greg took 1st place with 39pts narrowly beating Ross Shiffke who had 38pts and in 3rd place was my good friend and great golfer Livio Marrone with 36pts

Livio is probably the most consistent golfer at the Links he’s always in the prizes and a pleasure to have around.

Thanks to John McGee for doing the presentation I always enjoy a story from you.

It’s got to be said it’s one of the most camp handshakes I’ve ever seen but I’ve always suspected you two 😂

1st – Greg Smith 39pts (19)

2nd – Ross Schiffke 38pts (23)

3rd – Livio Marrone 36pts (7)

Near pins ⛳️

Livio Marrone x 2

Pat Lavin

Alan Humphries

May be an image of 7 people, people golfing and text