It was yet another very hot day on the relatively quiet St Andrews. It was certainly a very hot day for Steve Moxey who won with one of the biggest margins we have had this year. Steve’s 40 points won by a margin of 7. The course was in good condition although it was reported that the greens were very slow which is unusual for St Andrews.

            All in all, it was a good day for Steve who, apart from winning the coveted Green Jacket, found his phone, (say no more). After the presentation a large crowd celebrated Veranya’s, Steve’s partner, birthday where a good night was had by one and all.

1st Place Steve Moxey (14) – 40

2nd Place John McGee (14) – 33 c/b

3rd Place Mark Johnstone (17) – 33 c/b

4th Place Chris Barker (12) – 33

NP 03 Grant Pride

NP 05 Glen Elsworth

NP 10 Danny Cunningham

NP 17 Wayne Langford