First time winner – Stefan Czezowski – commonly referred to as BOP

Whilst Pattaya was suffering from heavy rain, our 39 golfers at Treasure Hill were suffering from a different type of hazard – groups of 6 and 8 ball golfers. Luckily some of our earlier starters managed to by pass said groups but for the latter groups they were not so fortunate. When it was pointed out to Treasure Hill that the group of 8 who were on the 18th green at the time, had taken 6 hours to get to that point we were met with stony silence. Maybe that was because there was a serious communication breakdown with a Thai trying to speak English and a Scot, trying to speak English. It should also be said that Treasure Hill are not the only ones to suffer from this by why marshalls are not deployed is beyond me. It is all very well having the latest equipment and looking good on the course but when there is a definite lack of etiquette then questions should be asked.

As well as being a chaotic ending to the proceedings it was a pretty chaotic start the day with a lack of caddies. Fair play to the starters though who eventually got everyone teamed up with a caddy. As for the course, everyone commented on how well it was playing and how good the greens were. It is just a shame that people take away the time it took rather than the good standard of the course.

As for the golf, we had a first time winner with Stefan Czezowski coming home with an excellent 39 points. He was followed by Lawrence Wakeman with Barry Wellings third. No surprise that the 3 afore mentioned were in Groups 1 and 2.               


1st Place                Stefan Czezowski (27) – 39

2nd Place               Lawrence Wakeman (22) – 37 c/b

3rd Place               Barry Wellings (7) – 37

4th Place               Mike Nagle (17) – 34 c/b

5th Place               Soren Hansen (19) – 34

6th Place               Robert Cha (6) – 31

Near Pin 02         Robert Cha

Near Pin 06         Mike Souden

Near Pin 13         Neil Smith

Near Pin 17         Lawrence Wakeman

BF9 NW               Steve Moxey – 18

BB9 NW                Mark Efenoie – 20

Not much fun getting stuck behind this.