The Links took 26 players to Pattaya Country Club on what turned out to be a perfect day for golf as far as the weather was concerned. With our original scheduled tee time of 10.00 brought forward by 20 minutes, we quickly found out that this is not always an advantage especially when there are two 5 ball groups ahead of us. Our first 2 groups of 3 balls were lucky enough to get through at the turn and finished in reasonably good time. They were back in the club house a full hour before the first 4 ball appeared.

Pattaya Country Club is going through a coring and sanding programme which affected about 6 holes and although Selwyn Yates wiped the last hole, the maintenance on the greens did little to affect his game. Selwyn had been struggling recently but his form certainly returned with an excellent score of 41 points. Runner up was William Brown who came in with 39 points.


1st Place Selwyn Yates (9) – 41

2nd Place William Brown (16) – 39

3rd Place Lee Smith jnr (24) – 37 c/b

4th Place Erik Rasmussen (23) – 37

NP 05 Selwyn Yates

NP 07 William Brown

NP 12 Dale Wells

NP 16 Mike Firkin

BF9 NW Petur Petursson – 20 c/b

BB9 NW Lee Smith Snr – 22