Sandra wins first Green Jacket

The Boxing Day bash saw The Links take 31 players to Parichat. Renowned for its water, a good breeze added to the difficulty of a course which is in excellent condition with fast and tricky greens. Originally we were given a 10.00 tee time but were good to go 30 minutes earlier. The first 3 groups certainly struggled with only George Mueller returning a score in the 30s. Truth be told, only one person eventually mastered the course and conditions when Sandra Henning came in with a great score of 43 points which was 7 ahead of a trio of players, headed by Akira Sekiya on 36.


1st Place Sandra Henning (31) – 43

2nd Akira Sekiya (7) – 36 c/b

3rd Place Dave Heyes (13) – 36 c/b

4th Place Keith Griffith (18) – 36

5th Place George Mueller (18) – 35

Near Pin 02 Keith Griffith

Near Pin 06 Francis Goyons

Near Pin 11 Kevin LaBar

Near Pin 14 Craig Simms

BF9 NW JP Gasser (18)

BB9 NW John Doyle (18)