It was an early start for our 13 groups who tackled Pattana A and C with the buses leaving The Links at 07.30 for a 09.00 tee time. Once again, Pattana treated us well by giving us a 2 tee start which resulted in everyone being clear by 10.00. It was a hot day with little breeze to cool our golfers off. There was some confusion when our golfers made the turn around with another society with 12 groups were in the process of starting their rounds. To be fair to the Pattana management, they admitted the problem was of their doing and did their utmost to rectify the issue. There was a delay in getting restarted which everyone accepted.

                As far as the golf was concerned, despite the lengthy conditions from the white tees, there were some tremendous scores with none better than the 45 points by Roland Zwahlee which included a back 9 of 27 points. He was 5 points clear of runner up Marc Brunner. A special mention should go to scratch golfer Ian Ashenden who went round in 1 under par for 37 points.

                After the presentation there was food and music put on courtesy of Steve Moxey in celebration of his birthday. Steve refused to say how old he is but going by the criteria that you can tell the age of a tree by the number of rings, if you go by the wrinkles on Steve’s face, he must be pushing 65.


A Flight (0-15)

1st Place Marc Brunner (11) – 40

2nd Place Rana Gurnam (14) – 37 c/b

3rd Place Ian Ashenden (scr) – 37

4th Place Petur Petursson (5) – 36

5th Place Thierry Petrement (13) – 35

B Flight (16+)

1st Place Roland Zhawlee (24) – 45

2nd Place Keith Griffith (18) – 37

3rd Place Mike Firkin (22) – 36

4th Place Wayne Peppernell (19) – 35

5th Place Felipe Enciso (36) – 34

NP A03 Colin Smith

NP A08 Jonas

NP C02 Rana Gurnam

NP C07 Marc Brunner

BF9 NW Tom Wilkinson (21)

BB9 NW Glen Schwerdtfeger (17) c/b