It was a relatively quiet day at Burapha for our 11 groups with no other societies waiting to play. We were given courses A & B along with a 2 tee start and early tee off time with the result that all our groups were off and running by 10.15.

                There were varying reports of the standard of the nines versus cost but it should be said, that were was some very high points returned with 18 scores of 36 and above.

                Leader of the pack was Rana Gurnam with 44 points. The last time Rana was in Pattaya he threatened to give up the game as his golf was so bad. This time however, he has been a regular winner and posted some great scores which was topped off today.


1st Place Rana Gurnam (16) – 44

2nd Place Stu Kidd (14) – 41

3rd Place Craig Robson (13)  – 40

4th Place Masao Ishikawa (17) – 39 c/b

5th Place Neil Smith (21) – 39 c/b

6th Place Keith Griffith (19) – 39

NP A03 Stu Kidd

NP A06 Paul Gill

NP B03 Robert Cha

NP B08 Vic Hansen

BF9 NW Wayne Langford (22)

BB9 NW Sunny Khanna (20) c/b