Pattaya Links Golf Society………Treasure Hill………Wed…Aug.7………S/ford

Low Scoring Day – Darren Gets a Win


Treasure Hill Golf Course was presented in beautiful condition, although the greens were running a little slower than we expected. The weather was overcast, the breeze dropped away and conditions became humid, but quite comfortable.

So, with all that, why the very low scores returned today? After all, our last visit here saw five of the top six place-getters playing to handicap or better, but not one of our twenty-five starters today managed to do that.


Darren Beavers made the top score of 34 points to win the “B” flight. He was not impressed but took it anyway. Good to see him back in the winner’s circle.

Paul Chesney has been in the placings after a short break and made 31 points for second spot while Colin Service won a countback to grab third with 30 points.


Dave Hewson scored 42 points to win on Monday and continued the good form, although his 33 points was a long way from that heady figure, but good enough to score the win in “A” flight.

Rob Morrison wore the “wig” a couple of weeks ago and has been inspired, today taking second place with 31 points.

Bill Copeland has received some mentions recently and, although scoring a mere 29 points, managed to hold third spot.


Near pins: Greg Proctor (2), Rob Morrison (6), Geoff Wallace (13), Bill Stewart (17)


  “A” Flight (0-15)

1st  Place – Dave Hewson (10 ) -33 pts

2nd Place – Rob Morrison (11) -31 pts

3rd Place – Bill Copeland (14) – 29 pts


 “B” Flight (16+)

1st  Place – Darren Beavers (16) – 34 pts

2nd Place – Paul Chesney (21) – 31 pts

3rd Place – Colin Service (17) – 30 pts c/back


Best Front Nine ( non winers) –  George Mueller  – 16 pts

Best Back Nine ( non winners) – John Pierrel –   16 pts c/back


Greg Proctor disagreed with his marker on a ruling. Afterwards, he went to Phil to get his ruling, it was the same. Greg disagreed again. Phil told him to never argue with the Organiser and called him up to wear the “silly hat”.

Andrea Denti is new to playing golf in Thailand and still finding his feet, but his low score today got him successive “wigs”.

To the question about the low scores. It is doubtful if anyone can really explain why. Just one of those days where no-one stood out.

Doesn’t matter, it was still a top day out at a course with the best pricing and presentation in our area.