Pattaya Links Golf Society………..Treasure Hill…………Mon…Oct.28……….S/ford

A Big Win To Treasure Hill


We are presented a golf course in beautiful condition with nicely grassed and firm fairways with some run, greens, although recently cored and sanded, running with pace and true, and weather that was hot but intermittently gave some nice breezes.

Most tee boxes are undergoing maintenance or renovation so we teed off from many, to us, strange places which made it a quite different course, and even more of a challenge.

What happened? Thirty talented golfers and the best any of them could score was 33 points.


Derek Teeling was playing just his third game with us and he came up with that score to win the “B” flight. He would have worn the Green Jacket, but was not at the bar for the presentations, but a good effort on the day.

Donal McGuigan is consistent and scored 32 points for second spot ahead of a resurgent John Evans on 31 points.

Chris Walsh, for the second game in a row, picked up a prize, this time for fourth place on 29 points.


The best of the “A” flight was, once again, Bill Copeland with a great 32 points.

Len Desharnais made a return to Links and brought his buddy, Sonny Andrews, with him, and they made the next two placings, with Len scoring 31 points and Sonny having 30 points to win a countback over Andrew Purdie.


Our first group, a three-ball, was rolling along at a good pace when, at about the 12th hole they ran up the back of two Farang four-balls who were very slow.

Consequently, we found the we had four of our groups backed up and waiting to tee off on the 17th, including group one.

We are quick to blame certain ethnicity when this happens but…!


Near pins:  Andrew Purdie (A flight), Eric Black (A flight), Garry Hookey (B flight), John Evans (B flight).


“A” Flight (0-17)

1st  Place – Bill Copeland (12) -32 pts

2nd Place – Len Desharnais (13) -31 pts

3rd Place – Sonny Andrews (13) – 30 pts c/back

4th Place –  Andrew Purdie (9) –  30 pts


“B” Flight (18+)

1st  Place – Derek Teeling (26) – 33 pts

2nd Place – Donal McGuigan (19) – 32 pts

3rd Place – John Evans (25) – 31 pts

4th Place –  Chris Walsh (27) – 29 pts.


Best Front Nine (non winners)  – Mike Firkin – 18 pts

Best Back Nine (non winners)  – Joe Liffy –  19 pts


In keeping with tradition, although not planned, a newbie scored the “wig” again. This time it was Mick Dunning with the lowest of all the low scores.

It wouldn’t be right to have the “silly hat” without Richie McIntosh, who feels rejected if he misses out.

There is a common myth about Treasure Hill being a tough course and today it lived up to that myth. It proved that it can take on and beat even the best of them. Treasure Hill was definitely the winner this day.