Pattaya Links Golf Society………..Treasure Hill………..Fri…Nov.15………S/ford

A Green Jacket First Up for Brian


As our group stood on the Par 3 second hole at Treasure Hill a stiff breeze was blowing and myriad yellow leaves were floating from the trees. Not sure if we have Autumn (Fall) in Thailand but it certainly looked and felt like it.

That breeze kept up for most of the round to keep conditions quite comfortable.

This course is in top notch condition with neatly cut fairways, first cut rough playable and greens looking in excellent shape and playing with good pace, and Oh, yes, the usual topic of trees in fairways. My Caddie tells me to aim for them knowing I won’t hit them.

Even though the presentation here is always very good, and currently is even better than that, players are rarely able to post high stableford scores.

In a field of thirty eight starters two scores stood out. The winners of “A” flight and “B” flight both scored 36 points, but only one could win the Green Jacket, so it was that Brian Bissett won a countback against Ron Matthews. Ron is here for a few more weeks so, who knows, next time.

Ron’s 36 points in the “A” flight, had him clear of second placed Pat Lavin who scored 33 points, then Eric Black and Wayne Peppernell had to be separated by countback at the 30 points mark with Eric getting the decision for third spot.


A similar scenario in “B” flight saw Brian Bissett hold a two point lead over Tony Browne who posted 34 points. Then came a four-way countback to decide third and fourth places, all having 31 points.

Nigel Harrison survived all of that to land third spot and Barry Cunningham took fourth leaving Larry Slattery and Niall Caven lamenting their respective back nines.


Near pins:  Darren Beavers (A flight), Eric Black (A flight), Niall Caven (B flight), Larry Slattery (B flight).


“A” Flight (0-17)

1st  Place – Ron Matthews (17) -36 pts

2nd Place – Pat Lavin (12) -33 pts

3rd Place – Eric Black (15) – 30 pts c/back

4th Place –  Wayne Peppernell (14) –  30 pts


“B” Flight (18+)

1st  Place – Brian Bissett (25) – 36 pts

2nd Place – Tony Browne (18) – 34 pts

3rd Place – Nigel Harrison (22) – 31 pts c/back

4th Place –  Barry Cunningham (20) – 31 pts c/back


Best Front Nine (non winners)  – John Coetzee – 18 pts

Best Back Nine (non winners)  –  Mike Firkin –  20 pts


It was pointed out to Dave Heyes two days earlier how to correctly mark the scorecard. His memory, it seems, had faded as he did exactly the same again today. In a day of many possibilities available for the “silly hat”, it was Dave’s turn to wear it.

David Wall has had a good time on holiday here, even if his golf hasn’t set the world on fire and he got to wear the “wig” one last time before returning home.

It’s a strange thing that many golfers say they don’t like Treasure Hill because it is too hard, but whenever we schedule it we have a full sign on sheet and then some. Must be something about it?