Pattaya Links Golf Society……….Rayong Green Valley………Wed.. Sept.4……….S/ford

No Longer the Bridesmaid


It has been a long absence, but finally a suitable price and tee time enabled us to visit Green Valley again.

Due to being spruced up for the recent Singha Championships, the course was in excellent condition with nicely mown fairways and greens running truly with good pace, while the rough needed a good shot to get the ball out and going where you wanted.

The look and layout of this course has changed considerably in our absence and, might we say, for the better. The removal of many trees gives a much more open and brighter feel.

Light rain was falling as we made our way to the first tee but, as we are a lucky group, the drizzle stopped as our first players teed off, and on time.

Intermittent drizzle during the round was barely enough to open umbrellas so conditions were cooler and very comfortable.


As written previously here, Bill Copeland has played the part of bridesmaid three times in recent games with very close second placings. Today that mantle was finally thrown off as he headed a field of twenty- two into the clubrooms. He has worn the Green Jacket before, but he was pretty happy about this one.

John Pierrel has had a couple of low scores, for him anyway, but came right back again to win a close countback to beat Chris Barker for second spot, both had very credible 39 points scores.

Recent Green Jacket winner, Colin Service, maintained that form to score 37 points and grab the final position on the podium.


Near Pins : Alan Walker (B flight), Mathias Hermann (A flight), Maurice Roberts (A flight), Darren Beavers (B flight)


Winners at Green Valley

 1st Place – Bill Copeland (13) – 39 pts

2nd Place –  John Pierrel (12) – 38 pts c/back

3rd Place –  Chris Barker (13) – 38 pts

4th Place –  Colin Service (17) – 37 pts


Best Front Nine ( non winners )……George Mueller………….22 pts

Best Back Nine ( non winners)……..Phil Davies………………20 pts


Two players had the lowest nine hole score of 11 points but Wayne Peppernell got the “silly hat” on countback.

Kieron Maund loves coming here to play golf and has a good time. Golf is secondary to winning the “wig’ for him as it fits so well!

We hope Green Valley can come through again with the same pricing structure before the high season as all of the players would like to have another crack at this challenging course.