Pattaya Links Golf Society……..Pattavia………..Fri…Mar.20……..S/ford

One Under Par 71 for Steven Lynch


What a good day to come to Pattavia Century Golf Club. The price is now on special at 1350 bht for g/fee, caddy and cart and we found that there was to be a large Junior Golfer’s tournament at the course the next day, so the whole course was bought up to an even higher standard than we normally find here.

Fairways in great condition with plenty of run, the rough not too bad and, yes, the greens very slick and as quick as ever on the downhill.

The weather was quite warm, but breezy, for most of the round.

The marshal was quite anxious for us to start, so the first of our ten groups teed off about 30 minutes before our booked time, and had a clear run all the way, as another society ahead of them kept a good pace.


Steven Lynch and a couple of mates from Australia have had only a short visit but fitted in plenty of golf. After a good win with another society the day before he came out ready to keep that form going.

One under par 71, from his handicap of 3 gave him 40 points, the win in ‘A’ flight and his first Green Jacket.

Wayne Peppernell has been building form and his 39 points today was an excellent score to take second place.

Colin Smith started this trip with the ‘wig’ but has bounced back with a solid 37 points for third spot after winning a countback.


Jim Ferris has won a ‘jacket’ before but there is sometimes a gap between wins. Today, his 37 points gave him an easy win in ‘B’ flight.

Tony Browne wore the ‘jacket’ at the start of the month and kept that form going with a respectable 33 points for second place, while John Rabbitt had 32 points for third spot.


Near Pins: Nigel Harrison (4), Kevin LaBar (7), Keith Peplow (13), Steven Lynch (17).


 ‘A’ Flight (0-15)

1st  Place – Steven Lynch (3) – 40 pts

2nd Place – Wayne Peppernell (15) – 39 pts

3rd Place – Colin Smith (14) – 37 pts c/back


‘B’ Flight (16+)

1st  Place –  Jim Ferris (25) – 37 pts

2nd Place – Tony Browne (16) – 33 pts

3rd Place – John Rabbitt (18) – 32 pts


Best Front Nine ( non winners)….Mike Ehlert….21 pts

Best Back Nine (non winners)……Karl Flood ….19 pts c/back


Jim Ferris had a mixed day. First, he ‘lost’ his putter and, after much panic, Phil went to the car to lend Jim his putter. Before the round started, the ‘lost’ putter turned up at the side of the practice green.

Jim won the ‘B’ flight but still wore the ‘silly hat’

There was a close countback for the ‘wig’ and it was ‘lucky’ Ray Cassar who wore it as one of the two lowest scores.

A nice breezy day, a nice course and, with no hold-ups, it was back to Links for early presentations and, with most bars closed, we guess it was off home.