Pattaya Links Golf Society…………Pattana…A+B………..Wed…Apr.10…………S/ford

Mike Firkin Snares Another Jacket

                           Spreadeagles the Field


On another hot and steamy  day twenty brave golfers headed to beautiful Pattana Golf Club. Last time we came here we encountered thunder and lightning storms and a deluge of rain, enough lightning, at least, to call the game off.

This time around, apart from the heat, a nice quick round on this always high quality course. After the game everyone was heaping praise on the course and especially the greens.

As we saw two days ago, numbers are down for reasons stated then and this day we had a nice even twenty starters, so having just the one flight.

Mike Firkin has once again snared the coveted Green Jacket, this time with a magnificent score of 43 points, leaving a seven point gap to the next two players. He does have his ordinary games, but when he is on song can rip it apart, and 43 points is no mean feat at Pattana.

Opposite ends of the handicap scale went to a countback for second and third with Peter Park doing better at the end to keep out that man again, Niels-Peter Kristensen, both with excellent 36 point scores. For Peter Park, that is the day’s best gross of 76.

Pat Lavin, in his final game before heading home for a couple of months did well yet again to take the last spot on the podium with a good solid 35 points.

Anne Stokes managed to get a prize on her last outing, for now, as she and Bob also head off, making the best front nine score for non winners. Kevin LaBar had the best back nine.


Near Pins were hogged by:

Gerner Lykke ( A3 and A8), Darren Beavers (B3 and B7)


1st  Place – Mike Firkin (25 ) – 43 pts

2nd Place – Peter Park (4) – 36 pts c/back

3rd Place – Niels-Peter Kristensen (21) – 36 pts

4th Place –  Pat Lavin (12) – 35 pts


Best Front Nine ( non winners)………Anne Stokes……….18 pts c/back

Best Back Nine ( non winners)……….Kevin LaBar………17 pts


We think Masa Sugaya likes the “silly hat” as much as Derek Phillips does because he wore it again today for achieving the lowest points score on a nine.

The man they are calling the film star, our Thai friend, Wichai, scored the lowest overall of  21 pts. Some days that score could run a placing on the podium, he was happy with the “wig”.

It’s now become a custom at Links that anyone leaving for home receives an enmasse rendition of the first lines of  the song “ I’m leaving on a jet plane”. Always fun..