Pattaya Links Golf Society…………Pattana…A+B………….Fri. Sept.13………….S/ford

Friday the Thirteenth Lucky for Kevin LaBar


This was our third trip to Pattana Golf Club in three weeks. The reason being that we had some great pricing for two of those trips by playing at 12 noon tee time. Today was a little more expensive as we could not get that preferred time.

However this course, it seems, is always immaculate and today the presentation of the A and B nines was well worth the extra cost. Fairways freshly mown, greens running nicely and the rough, well it was rough, and not so easy to play, better to stay away.

Fine weather with a breeze blowing most of the time made life comfortable and, with almost no other players on the course, apart from a two-ball inserted ahead of us on the B1, we made good time. That two-ball, incidentally, quickly got away from our three-ball, so no holdups.


One player in our first group suggested that there should be some scores in the forties today due to the condition of the course. We had to wait until the last group came in, however, before we saw a 41point card handed in by the golf journeyman Kevin LaBar. Kevin gets around a few groups in Pattaya and plays a lot of golf and today made Friday the 13th his lucky Green Jacket day.

Maurice Roberts is still holding onto some good form and ran into second place with a well played 39 points.  Then Stu Thompson, having one of his quite regular good days, took third spot with 38 points. Paul Smith rounded out the podium scoring 37 points to nudge out Chris Barker on countback.


Near Pins: Paul Smith (A flight), Wayne Peppernell (A flight), Stuart Thompson (B flight x 2)


Winners at Pattana

 1st Place – Kevin LaBar (13) – 41 pts

2nd Place –  Maurice Roberts (13) – 39 pts

3rd Place –  Stuart Thompson (19) – 38 pts

4th Place –  Paul Smith (3) – 37 pts c/back


Best Front Nine (C) ( non winners) – Mathias Hermann – 21 pts

Best Back Nine (B)  ( non winners) – Adam Barton –  20 pts


Ritchie McIntosh is always at the ready for some sort of headwear and this time it was the “silly hat” for lowest nine hole score.

The would-be recipient of the “wig” was so overjoyed that he celebrated early and forgot to come back to get it, so no “wig” presented today.

We need now to wait for a month to get back to Pattana, but it is certain that we will again find a great golf course in excellent condition.