Pattaya Links Golf Society……….Laem Chabang…C+A……….Mon..Apr.22…….S/ford

Pete’s Green Jacket in Absentia


Can a golf course be described as being in perfect condition? According to many of our twenty six players who teed off at Laem Chabang today, it was very near just that.

The first two greens seemed to have had a sprinkling of sand recently, which resulted in them not being as smooth as the other sixteen which were perfect.

The fairways are immaculate and easy to hit from, and the rough was not too much bother.

As always check-in staff and starters are efficient and the special Monday price of 2059 bht all in made a great day for all.

Scores today were much lower than at our last visit here. Maybe this had something to do with starting on the difficult, watery, C nine?


The “A” flight provided the top scores with Pete Seil having an excellent round off his new handicap of 5 making 37 points to take the win and the “Green Jacket” for best score of the day.

George Mueller is never very far away from the placings and he, off his new handicap of 14, had an even round of 36 points, one ahead of Kevin LaBar who is becoming quite consistent of late.


The “B” flight saw the successful return to Links of Masa Okada, whose 35 points held out another consistent player in Mike Tottenham on 34 points. Regular, and always welcome visitor to Links is the much travelled Walter Baechli, who took out third place with a handy 33 points.


Near Pins: Nigel Harrison (C5), John Harrison (C8),Tip Briney (A2), Pete Seil (A7).


”A” flight

1st  Place –  Pete Seil (5) –  37 pts

2nd  Place –  George Mueller (14 ) –  36 pts

3rd Place –  Kevin LaBar (12) – 35 pts


”B”’ flight

 1st Place –  Masa Okada (23 ) – 35 pts

2nd Place – Mike Tottenham (18) – 34 pts

3rd Place –  Walter Baechli (20) – 33 pts


Best Front Nine ( non winners) – Derek Phillips – 17 pts

Best Back Nine ( non winners) –  Maurice Roberts – 19 pts c/back


Maurice asked me to mention the weather on this day. It was Hot, Damn Hot, as it has been in Thailand for a couple of weeks now. All we ask is for some relief from this energy sapping heat.

It was a race for the bottom, or the lowest scores, and good “ol” Tip Briney managed 4 points on the C nine enabling him to keep his favourite  “silly hat”.  Tip was beaten for “wig” for the overall lowest  score by Stan Stewart, but it was close.

Pete Seil didn’t make it back to the Bar for the photo, but we found one from an earlier Green Jacket win. The photo at top is the dynamic duo, Tip Briney and Stan Stewart.