Pattaya Links Golf Society……….Greenwood…C+A……….Mon.Dec.30……..S/Ford

Mikael Lindberg Sighs ‘at last’


The door closes on another year and Links Golf celebrated by taking 42 players to Greenwood Golf course for the year’s finale.

With 800 bht green fee vouchers in hand, check-in was easy and down to the mustering area to be told we would play the ‘C’ course followed by ‘A’.

The weather was hot with only the occasional, sometimes gusty, breeze to add some relief.

As always, this course is in great shape and, as was Treasure Hill, plenty of green on the fairways. One thing that is always present here is the wet, soft areas around the front of the greens, no matter the season. But today these greens were as slow as anyone can remember with stimp readings at 7.8 on ‘C’ and 8.2 on ‘A’, therefore causing many players some problems adapting.


The ‘A’ flight saw Peter Lacey, a Green Jacket wearer just 12 days ago, make the best of it to win the flight with 36 points.

Colin Smith continued his recent good form to take second spot with a nice 35 points.

Then came a countback on 34 points where Derek Phillips got the nod over Phil Davies for the third place.

Helene Lindberg has worn the Green Jacket twice in the past week or so but, today, she had to stand aside for the other half of the team. Mikael Lindberg recorded the top score of the day of 37 points and, as Phil was helping him don the Green Jacket, Mikael sighed ‘at last’.

Well done Mikael.

Keith Griffith has been consistent since playing at Links and did well again to win second place on countback. Keith beat the surprise packet, Bryan Barrell, who must have played out of his skin to score 36 points and grab third place.

Another countback had Mike Tottenham take fourth with 35 points.


Near pins ‘A’ flight: Colin Smith, Colm Lawlor, Steve Moxey

Near pins ‘B’ flight: Darren Beavers, Thorsten Jodehl, Mike Tottenham, Frank Riley


“A” Flight (0-16)

1st  Place – Peter Lacey (14 ) – 36 pts

2nd Place – Colin Smith (15) – 35 pts

3rd Place – Derek Phillips (16) – 34 pts c/back

4th Place –  Phil Davies (14) –  34 pts


“B” Flight (17+)

1st  Place – Mikael Lindberg (23) – 37 pts

2nd Place – Keith Griffith (17) – 36 pts c/back

3rd Place – Bryan Barrell (35) – 36 pts

4th Place –  Mike Tottenham (18) – 35 pts c/back


Best Front Nine (non winners)  –  David McKey – 21 pts

Best Back Nine (non winners)  –  Rana Gurnam-   17 pts


Steve Moxey had a fun day. He arrived at Links Bar in the morning with shirt inside out. Then he missed his ambition of 30 points or more at Greenwood, and he lost his tote bag somewhere on the course.

Phil decided that was enough silliness for both the ‘silly hat’ and ‘wig’.

Once again a great day of golf and now we are ready to do it all again in 2020.

From Management, Golf Organisers and Staff at Links Bar and Golf,

Happy New Year to All.