Pattaya Links Golf Society……….Greenwood…B+C………..Wed..Feb.12……S/Ford.

Larry Slattery Loves a Green Jacket


We’re not sure why this is happening lately, but it seems a number of golf courses that we have been to have not had enough caddies available when we arrive.

Greenwood is usually very well organized, but on this day there was confusion as the starters were trying to round up caddies and carts. In fact, our last group started out driving their carts themselves, without caddies. The caddies got to them, eventually.

Having given a brickbat, now some praise. Greenwood is one of the few courses where a group with big numbers, such as our 48 players today, are given a two tee start. It makes it so much easier for all, and an earlier finish, much appreciated.

This course is always in top condition and, even considering the lack of rain, kept up that standard with well cut fairways and greens running at a good pace of about 9.3 to 9.5.


Richard Fearby went under par again to record 37 points from his scratch handicap to win the ‘A’ flight. Does he ever have a bad game? Probably, but not today.

Second spot went to Mike Ehlert with 36 points in a nice improvement on his recent outings.

In form Andy Kelleher won a countback to take third place with 34 points.


“B” flight produced the starring score for the day as Larry Slattery romped home with a big 41 points. Of course, he won the flight as well as the Green Jacket, and not for the first time.

Maurice Roberts was hoping the ‘yips’ are gone as he handed in a score of 38 points for second place.

Hot and cold Derek Phillips was hot today to record 37 points to hold down third spot in a tight countback.


They say ‘age shall not weary them’ and it certainly did not weary a couple of our older gents. Alan Walker turned back the clock by scoring a great 39 points to take the win in ‘C’ flight. John Pearce is about the same vintage and surprised himself with his 34 points, while ‘youngster’, Chris Walsh took third with 33 points.

Once again plenty of near pins to be won, but only 7 of the 8 were claimed. Those par 3’s at Greenwood are long.


Near pins ‘A’ flight: Jason Periera (x2), Tommy Marshall, Richard Fearby

Near pins ‘B’ flight: Barry Cunningham, Masa Sugaya, Larry Slattery, one pin not claimed.


 ‘A’ Flight ( 0-14)

1st  Place – Richard Fearby (0) – 37 pts

2nd Place – Mike Ehlert (12) – 36 pts

3rd Place – Andrew Kelleher (11) – 34 pts c/back


“B” Flight (15-20)

1st  Place –  Larry Slattery (20) – 41 pts

2nd Place – Maurice Roberts (16) – 38 pts

3rd Place – Derek Phillips (16) – 37 pts c/back


‘C’ Flight ( 21+)

 1st  Place – Alan Walker (30) – 39 pts

2nd Place – John Pearce (29) – 34 pts

3rd Place – Chris Walsh (27) – 33 pts


Best Front Nine  ( non winners)….John Harrison….21 pts

Best Back Nine  (non winners)…..Kim Hewton ….19 pts


All back nice and early for the presentations and the hunt for the owner of the carry bag left in a buggy at the course. A candidate for the ‘silly hat’?

Well, Gordon got away with it because Phil found another reason for Rana to wear it again.

As Phil presented the ‘wig’ to Hilary Stoker, again, he gave her some advice about the driving range so she doesn’t wear it a third time.