Pattaya Links Golf Society…………Eastern Star…………..Mon..Apr.15……..S/ford

Tottenham Wins Jacket and “Silly Hat”


A couple of no shows left us with twenty golfers to take on Eastern Star Golf  Course.

It turned out to be a different course to the one that has been receiving great wraps recently.  Nothing very bad, but fairways here don’t seem to have had the amount of rain received by courses further north, so drying out in places, but one good solid shower will fix that.

It was rumored over breakfast in the morning that the greens had been cored, so it was no surprise to find them slower than last time and a bit “bumpy”. However, overall a course still in very good condition.

Weather was the same, but some players agreed that it was not as hot as recently, with a breeze at times helping.

The one flight produced some tight scoring at the top with the best of them being Mike Tottenham with the best score of the day of 37 points. This was Mike’s second Green Jacket in just over three weeks. Winning form is good form.

The next two places went to a countback with both players scoring 35 points, but Paul Chesney just beat Kae Dayton, in her first game at Links, for the second spot, while Peter Park had 32 points to take the final place on today’s podium.


Best Front Nine ( non winners) – Mickey Tighe – 17 pts

Best Back Nine ( non winners) – Walter Baechli – 17 pts


Near Pin: Maurice Roberts (3), Andre Van Dyk (6), Andrew Purdie (13), Paul Weatherley (17)


Results from Eastern Star:

 1st  Place – Mike Tottenham (19 ) -37 pts

2nd Place – Paul Chesney (21) -35 pts c/back

3rd Place – Kae Dayton (22) – 35 pts

4th Place – Pete Seil (4) – 32 pts


Phil is on his annual trip to Wales and beyond so Maurice took charge of presentations. He became a little nervous when he saw who was eligible for the “wig”, so decided to rest it and the “silly hat”.

But wait! Who was it that kept leaving clubs lying around for people to find and return them ?? It was Mike for silly things, the “silly hat” did find a place after all.

Is this the first time a player has had the Green Jacket AND the silly hat at once?