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Maurice’s Great Big 42 Points.


An unusual, for this time of year, grey cloud hung over Pattaya and our golfers were thinking ‘rain’ as they ate breakfast at Links Bar. This cloud and the idea of rain passed quickly and it was into buses and cars for the short trip to Burapha Golf Course for the later start time of 11.30 am.


Organisation was good and our nine groups got away on time, under fine, but warm conditions and had a nice clear run to all finish the round in good time.

The course was in it’s usual first class order and all comments I received were usually of one word, excellent.

The first person I sought for an opinion was Maurice Roberts. I did not know at the time the reason for his enthusiasm for the course this day.


Playing off his 12 handicap, Maurice left the field in his wake to romp in with an impressive 42 points to win “A” flight and the Green Jacket. Watch out, he is starting another of those runs.

The first four placegetters in “A” flight all had scores of note. Alan Thomas scored 39 points (76 gross) for second and Tommy Marshall 38 points (77 gross) to take third place.

David Decaminda finally showed his 9 handicap on his last game this trip scoring 37 points for fourth.


The “B” flight saw a tight finish for the first three places, with a three-way tie on 35 points. Some countbacks were needed resulting in Gordon Loviolette, finally breaking into the winner’s circle, getting the nod over consistent Stuart Thompson and newcomer to Links, Joseph Buchberger, taking third spot.

Then Stuart Kidd held out in another countback for fourth on 34 points.


There were four near pin markers out and all were won:  Chris Barker (A3), Stuart Kidd (A6), Paul Durkan (B3), Bill Shepley (B8)



 “A” Flight (0-14)

1st  Place – Maurice Roberts (12 ) -42 pts

2nd Place – Alan Thomas (7) -39 pts

3rd Place – Tommy Marshall (7) – 38 pts

4th Place – Dave Decaminda (9) – 37pts


“B” Flight (15+)

1st  Place – Gordon Loviolette (24) – 35 pts c/back

2nd Place – Stuart Thompson (17) – 35 pts c/back

3rd Place – Joseph Buchberger (16) – 35 pts

4th Place – Stuart Kidd (20) – 34 pts c/back


Best Front Nine ( non winners) – Colm Lawlor – 19 pts c/back

Best Back Nine ( non winners) – Wayne Peppernell – 21 pts


It seems our most regular wearer of the “silly hat” is none other than Phil. He often finds a silly reason to wear it, but this time it was for the original purpose of the worst score on one of the nines.

The first, and to date, the only lady to wear the “wig” was seen shuffling toward the front as Phil was teasing. But, she missed out on a second chance as the “wig” found it’s way on to the head of Seamus Byrne for the lowest score overall.

We are playing at Burapha twice a month for now, with the next trip scheduled for Monday Feb.25   Sign on sheets are at Links Bar well in advance, or sign Online.