Pattaya Links Golf Society………..Bangpra………….Wed..Jun.19……….S/ford

Perfect Forty For Perfrement


We missed out on Bangpra last month because someone there tried to charge us an exorbitant green fee, so we cancelled.

How different today, friendly and efficient check-in and a very good sports day rate followed by a starter who sent us off earlier than our scheduled time, a nice start.

Even better is the condition of the course. Some playing Bangpra for the first time, and others, heaped praise on the layout and condition. My caddie told me at the start that the greens are slow. They are, but running truly and nice to putt on.

The weather was similar to our experience two days earlier, being overcast with some nice breezes and most importantly, no rain, just perfect.


Greg Perfrement was just about perfect as well by scoring an excellent 40 points on a course that requires plenty of thought and management. A nice finish for this trip.

With, eventually, twenty three starters, we played one division with four places.

Maurice Roberts continued some good form to take second spot behind Greg by making 37 points.

Then we needed a countback to split Godfrey Atienza with his second 36 points in two days, and Mark Sharp, on his return from a short work stint in the Middle East, also with 36 points, rounding out the podium.


Near pins: James Hudson (2), Maurice Roberts (8), Adam Barton (12), Tom Herrington (17)


 Winners at Bangpra

1st  Place –  Greg Perfrement (19) –  40 pts

2nd  Place –  Maurice Roberts (12) –  37 pts

3rd Place –  Godfrey Atienza (23) – 36 pts c/back

4th Place –  Mark Sharp (15) – 36 pts  


Best Front Nine  (non winners) – Gavin Smith – 20 pts

Best Back Nine  (non winners) – Selwyn Yates – 18 pts


Unfortunately for the hard working organisers, things today were not perfect.

We need to order buses by 5 o’clock on the eve of the game. We allow for a couple of seats for late sign ups but prefer to know before we order.

Three people had names on the sheet, all unknown to us, with no contact details or indication if they want a bus. It came as no surprise that they never appeared as this same situation has happened more than once before.

Then some regulars who forgot to sign up and arrived in the morning ready for golf. Please help the organisers by getting on the sheet early or use our on-line sign up.

Derek Phillips wore his favourite “silly hat” again as one of those who forgot to sign up. He always has a big smile when wearing that hat.

Colm O’Donovan wore the Green Jacket two weeks ago, but today it was the “wig” for him with an unusually poor score.