Pattaya Links Golf Society…………Bangpakong………..Mon..Oct.21……..S/ford

Handicap Up- Points Up- for Wayne


On a bright sunny Monday morning, with no forecast of rain, twenty two golfers headed for Bangpakong Riverside Golf Course. It is a little longer trip than most of our other courses, but awaiting is a flat, well maintained course with good paced greens and the potential for some big stableford scores, and there have been plenty.

For most of the first nine holes there was a nice breeze, as is normal at this course, but for the latter part of the round that breeze dropped and conditions became much warmer.


The in-form player at the moment is Wayne Peppernell who, just ten days ago, wore the Green Jacket by scoring 39 points. In the interim his handicap has moved from #15 to #17 so, with an extra two shots, he scored an extra two points for a total of 41 points and another Green Jacket.

Larry Slattery and Tony Browne have been away to their respective countries for a while but both have returned and found form pretty quickly.

Larry scored 39 points for second spot and Tony had 38 points for third place.

Steve Moxey now has a couple of games under his belt and took out fourth place with 36 points from his handicap of #8.


Near Pins: Maurice Roberts (4), Larry Slattery (7), George Mueller (13), Steve Moxey (16).


Winners at Bangpakong

1st Place -Wayne Peppernell (17) – 41 pts

2nd Place -Larry Slattery (18) – 39 pts

3rd Place -Tony Browne (19) – 38 pts

4th Place –Steve Moxey (8) –  36 pts


Best Front Nine (non winners)  – Keith Melbourne – 19 pts

Best Back Nine (non winners)  – Chris Barker –  21 pts


It was decided to award the “silly hat” to Chris Barker for the golf infringement of practice putting on the 18th green.

He loudly and excitedly pointed the finger at Steve Moxey, who admitted doing the sin. Not sure how it happened but Chris still wore the “hat”.

Barry Horman wore the “wig’ again and is coming close to overtaking Tip Briney as the most photographed.