Pattaya Links Golf Society………….Bangpakong………….Mon. Jan.7……….S/ford

Phillip Ashton Piles on 42 Points


Golf mornings at Links Bar have taken on a new exciting start to the day’s proceedings. To start with it was ho hum, but now the draw for each group’s place in the field is attracting plenty of interest. As each number comes out there is excitement and disappointment, if your group has drawn well, or not.

Draw done, everyone fed and watered and forty-four hopefuls headed off to Bangpakong Riverside for the day in search of that big score.

We never tire of hearing about how good this course is, as it is almost always presented in immaculate condition with wide, nicely mown fairways, a rough not too harsh and first class greens running with good speed.  Today was no exception with the possibility of some big stableford point scoring.

And that’s what we got, with three outstanding 40+ hauls.

Because of the big number of players we were divided into three flights.


Phillip Ashton got into town about a week ago and got right into his game by taking out the “A” flight and the Green Jacket with the best score of the day, a big 42 points.

Pete Seil is a class golfer and never far from the podium and his 39 points is a very good score from his handicap of 5.

Maurice Roberts is showing some solid form of late and took the countback for third from Colm Lawlor, both on 38 points.


“B” flight was set up for a countback as Ralph McConnell and Wayne Peppernell both had great games amassing 41 points each. That result got Ralph first place by way of a better back nine.

Then a gap to third placed Dane O’Brien with 36 points and Tony Browne winning a countback for fourth on 34 points


The “C” flight at last found world traveller, Walter Baechli, return to the form we know he is capable of to take first place on 35 points ahead of Larry Slattery on 34 points. Then the final countback of the round saw Pierre Zbinden take third from Kenny Jepson, both on 33 points,


Near pins: Carl Luke (4), Dane O’Brien (7), Tip Briney (13) and Brendon McGoven (16).


“A” Flight (0-15)


1st  Place – Phillip Ashton (12 ) -42 pts

2nd Place – Pete Seil (5) -39 pts

3rd Place – Maurice Roberts (13) – 38 pts c/back

4th Place – Colm Lawlor (14) – 38 pts


“B” Flight (16-18)


1st  Place – Ralph McConnell (18) – 41 pts c/back

2nd Place – Wayne Peppernell (16) – 41 pts

3rd Place – Dane O’Brien (16) – 36 pts

4th Place – Tony Browne (18) – 34 pts c/back


“C” Flight (19+)


1st  Place – Walter Baechli (21) -35 pts

2nd Place – Larry Slattery (19) -34 pts

3rd Place – Pierre Zbinden (21) – 33 pts c/back

4th Place – Kenny Jepson (26) – 33 pts

Best Front Nine ( non winners)…………Mitchell Carlon……18pts

Best Back Nine (non winners)…………..Dave Arataki………21 pts


Fun and excitement in the mornings, but just plain fun for Phil’s presentations as he tells stories, in his unique way, of car drivers “knowing” the way and then becoming lost, people leaving bags and phones at the bar, retrieving them, only to get to the course and realise the wallet is left in the hotel room. All deserving of the “silly hat”.

In the end, that went for it’s original purpose, the worst nine hole score. Phil thought a green hat looks good on the Irish, so here comes Chris Walsh.

Newcomer John Pearce had a lot to do with all the lost things but avoided the “hat”. However, he also had one of the lowest scores, so it was the “wig” for him.

A later than usual finish but a good time and lots of laughs had by all.