The Links took 10 groups to Khao Kheow, which included 6 guys from Edinburgh on a stag do which should have taken place pre-COVID. Despite getting married in the interim period, the groom decided that the stag do should go ahead! You can take the boy out of Scotland but you will never take Scotland out of the boy!

We were given courses C & A and it has to be said, that the course has shown a remarkable transformation in the last 2 months with fairways that were giving good run and greens that were slow by normal standards but very true. The weather too played its part and despite fears that it would rain, nothing materialised and our 10 groups got round dry.  

Neil Smith, who was the guide dog for the Edinburgh party, has been absent for a while but headed the field in what was a very close contest with 1 point separating the first 6 places. Neil won on a count back from Jamie Booterbaugh and Petur Petursson. Jamie was a regular Green Jacket winner when he was last here but has struggled since he returned. It was good to see him back on the podium.

The presentation was a unique affair with Phil making two presentations. The first was the normal affair with Phil making a special silly hat, wig and Green Jacket award to the Edinburgh nomads. The wig was won by Ronnie who plays off a handicap of 6 but promptly lost 3 balls off the first tee. The silly hat went to the groom, Mark for getting married. Mark also donned the Green Jacket for organising his stag do.


1st Place                Neil Smith – 39 c/b

2nd Place               Jaime Booterbaugh – 39 c/b

3rd Place               Petur Petursson – 39

4th Place               Steve Moxey – 38 c/b

5th Place               Tony Browne – 38 c/b

6th Place               Soren Hansen – 38

7th Place               Francis Goyons – 37

NP 03A                 Derek Hutcheson

NP 05A                 Gary Kuhnel

NP  03C                 Paul Baker

NP  08C                 Tony Browne

BF9  N.W.            Mike Firkin – 17 c/b

BB 9 N.W.            Gerry Burr – 20

Edinburgh Nomads